What is Canvas list?

Canvas is a simple, powerful, to-do list app.

Is Canvas free?


Does Canvas sell my data?

No. We take our user's privacy very seriously and do not monetize any of our user's data.

What makes Canvas different from all the other todo apps?

Canvas is lightweight, nice looking, and has a roadmap of impressive AI-powered features that will help you get things done. See the Features section for more details.

Is Canvas available on Web/Desktop/Droid/etc?

Right now we only support iOS, but in 2021 we are rolling out support for all of the above.

Can you develop a feature that I need?

100% Yes. When you download the app, in the Settings screen, we have a survey link where you can give us feedback on the features you want developed. We are a young startup that are working hard to launch a flurry of features in 2021 - join us!

What does "Connect to Calendar" do in Canvas List?

By enabling "Connect to Calendar" in Canvas List, we are able to auto-create events from your calendar as tasks in Canvas List. They are automatically added into your Tasks screen. These recommended tasks are generated by our AI model under the hood, so there's nothing you need to configure. You simply need to allow Canvas List to access your calendar, and we will recommend tasks; generally tasks like birthdays, anniversaries, important dates, reminders to yourself, and other things our AI determines you might need a task for are created automatically. This feature is currently a one-way sync (i.e. we recommend tasks to your Canvas List), but in the future we will allow you to schedule tasks to your calendar automatically as well. Data privacy is in our DNA -- We do not own or sell your data. We simply route the calendar events into your Canvas List app.

Are you hiring?

Yes, email admin@canvaslabs.ai if you are interested. Though we haven't formally posted any open positions, we are reviewing applications from anyone interested in joining our team in a variety of capacities. Very competitive equity and salary included.