What's Canvas list?

Canvas is a free full-featured list app for your todo lists, business ideas, recipes, and anything else you can think of.
Your todo list should be beautiful, so you don't mind opening it once in a while.
Canvas connects to your Gmail and Google Calendar so it can recommend tasks for you.
Canvas runs on iPhone (with Web and Desktop coming soon!).

Plan and Share

Create your to-do, work, grocery, recipes and ideas lists; then, create as many tasks as you'd like. You can make shareable lists that have permissions for read or read/write, so you control how users interact with your list.

Reminders, recurrence, and notifications

Whether your task has a due date, due time, needs to recur on a schedule, or requires notifications - no problem. You can even pin notes to tasks so you remember everything.

Calendar View

Canvas plots out your reminders and todos in a clean, beautiful, calendar view so you know what to expect for the week.

Artificial Intelligence

Here's where it gets interesting. We use AI under the hood.

Canvas can mail cards.

Canvas checks your calendar & email for special occasions (like birthdays, anniversaries, etc) and auto-adds todos for each, 2 weeks in advance. Canvas can also send a birthday card or gift card with a single click.

Coming Soon

Canvas can do returns and ensure cashback.

Lets face it, in a post-COVID world, we're ordering online a lot more. Canvas AI can automatically link you to print a clothing return label, and monitor for a refund confirmation. Buy to your heart's content, dont stress the refund process.

Canvas books restaurant reservations.

Do you often forget to book a restaurant reservation for a special event? Canvas looks 2 weeks in advance of any notable dates (celebrations, birthdays, etc) and books a nearby restaurant for you incase you forgot.

Canvas can index your recipes.

Create a recipe list, and simply paste the URL of the recipe you want to keep, Canvas AI can fetch and distill the ingredients and instuctions so you don't have to wade through all the ads. Need to buy the ingredients? Feature coming soon.

Canvas can shop for you.

If you write the name of a "Consumer Good" into any of your tasks (e.g. buy a toothbrush), Canvas can find the item online at the best price, and link it for you. Shopping - made easy.

Canvas sets *serious* Deadlines.

Set a deadline for your task. If you don't hit it, we deduct $ from your bank and donate it to a charity of your choice. How's that for motivation?

Canvas Analytics.

Analytics help people perform better. Canvas provides beautiful charts and graphs that show your productivity analytics. how many tasks you make per day, how many you solve, what days and times are your most productive, and more!

Features at a Glance

The Basics

Unlimited Lists
Unlimited Tasks
Shareable Lists/Tasks
Read/Write Controlled Tasks
Due Dates
Color Coded List Backgrounds
Custom Background Photos
Recurring Tasks
Calendar View

The Cool Stuff

Recommended todos from your Google Calendar
Snail mail cards with a couple clicks, powered by thanks.io
Recommended todos from your Gmail
Coming soon
Purchase items directly from your todo list
Coming soon
Print return labels, and monitor refunds
Coming soon
Recipe / Ingredients Index by pasting a recipe URL
Coming soon
Book restaurant reservations automatically for occasions
Coming soon
Charity donation penalty for missing a task due date
Coming soon
Analytics on your productivity
Coming soon
Natural Language task input, to auto-set task settings by typing
Coming soon
Smart Mirror wall mount to hang todo list at home/office
Potential Roadmap

Supported Platforms

Coming soon
Coming soon
Coming soon